/Message From the Chairperson of JACAFA

Message From the Chairperson of JACAFA


First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your continuous participation and contribution to our society.

As you might know that we have many forthcoming events in 2018. The first one is “JACAFA Alumni Annual Meeting 2018” in Almaty. The date is already decided on 18-20 May, and the topic will be “Project Making”. We would like to put more efforts to develop our Small-sized Projects (up to 10,000USD budget) by alumni from now on, and we have 3 on-going projects. Since we would like to implement a few more projects this year, we welcome more project proposals to make presentation at alumni meeting.

Many people have good ideas for the projects, but not sure how to realize it. At our meeting, we would like to have workshop for project making, and learn how to make proposal, budget plan, etc. We are still on the learning process, and we can learn a lot from each other. Please don’t hesitate to present your own idea in front of everybody. I am very much expecting your active participation on this matter.

We also have Japan Visit Program this year, and those who already went to Japan on JATCAFA program in the past can also apply if they have a very good reason to go to Japan again. We would like to motivate all alumni to go to Japan and learn its society and culture.

We plan to organize two conference/forum in this year, and those will be organized in other CA countries. Please make presentation at the meeting if you have some good ideas. Our society concept has been always same. We are family and are united. We can solve many problems with a great team work. Let’s hope that we will have fruitful and meaningful year of JACAFA this year!!

All the best,

Kyoko Vrboski