/2019 Scholarship Recipients Graduation Meeting

2019 Scholarship Recipients Graduation Meeting

On Wednesday 14th July at 14:00PM, 2019 Scholarship Recipients Graduation Meeting was organized by officials, namely Saso Vrboski and Kyoko Vrboski of JACAFA organization via Zoom Video Communication to enhance connection between JACAFA and Uzbek, Tajik as well as Kyrgyz scholars, and also in this event, scholarship recipients of above-mentioned countries became alumnus of JACAFA organization.

The online meeting was coordinated by Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson, JACAFA and Saso Vrboski, PhD., Senior Vice President and Project Funding Coordinator, JACAFA. To start with opening remarks by Kyoko Vrboski, she congratulated JACAFA scholarship recipients of becoming alumnus of JACAFA. She gave us important motivations and advices for our future plans and careers. Then she wanted from us what we would do for our immediate future plans.

Initially, Kyrgyz scholars such as Mira Dzhakshylykova, Bibigul Arzybaeva, Liana Abdikarimova and others started explaining about their goals and plans for the future. Then Tajik scholars such as Firuz Murodzoda, Hadyatullo A. continued it. Eventually, Uzbek scholars such as Olimjonov Sokhibjon (me), Dolimov Khumoyunmirzo, Abdulaziz Murtozaev talked about their plans of action along with study.

It is also interesting to note that JACAFA alumnus: Ulukman Bapaev from Kyrgyzstan and Abdullo Kurbanov, Founder & C.E.O., Alif Bank, Tajikistan spoke and gave us crucial recommendations, furthermore, motivated us to continue study and to keep in touch with each other.

During the online meeting, there was a such friendly atmosphere between us that we felt relaxing and calm as well. At the end, Saso Vrboski told us interesting information about conditions of countries in pandemic time and gave also essential coordinates of studying and choosing career.

We want to express our gratitude to JACAFA organization, we appreciate your effort and justify your trust.  

Thank you again!

Olimjonov Sokhibjon,

JACAFA alumni from Uzbekistan.