/JACAFA Interview with Ramzshoh Uljaev

JACAFA Interview with Ramzshoh Uljaev

IInterview with Ramzshoh Uljaev, an intelligent JACAFA Alumni from Tajikistan, about his studies at Master’s Degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Could you describe your graduate education?

After getting my bachelor’s degree, it was a little difficult for me to find my dream job. Most companies and organizations require talented people with extensive practical knowledge. But, unfortunately, I didn’t had enough experience to start my career. So I decided to get my Master’s degree. Fortunately, I managed to enroll in one of the largest and most popular universities in the world which is Lomonosov Moscow State University. I really enjoyed studying at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Classes are held here in a very diverse format such as online classes, laboratory work, and participation in various universities’ projects and internships which are the most helpful for future career.

Can you tell us about your current research project?

My current research work as a Master’s degree student at Lomonosov Moscow State University is in the field of chemical technology and new functional materials. I am responsible for the synthesis of new materials for optoelectronics.

Can you share your experience concerning your studies in undergraduate degree?

After graduating from school in 2016, I was able to enter the best university in our country through the national testing center. It was a branch of Moscow State University in the city of Dushanbe. I received my secondary education in the village, it was very difficult for me to study in the Russian group. Especially the first year was very difficult. Despite all of the difficulties, I did not give up. I continued to move towards my goal. I managed to overcome all the difficulties on my way. It helped me in my persistence and motivation. The Bachelor’s year passed very quickly. But they were enough for me to know and realize who I am and knowing my past to change my future.

What impact has JACAFA in your personal and professional development?

Before JACAFA I was a kind of person who had no experience attending seminars and conferences, especially in abroad. I remember very well my first seminar in Bishkek with the best representatives of JACAFA and Nippon Foundation. After that I changed in many ways. Thanks to JACAFA I made friend in Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan. JACAFA opened my way to abroad which was full of many opportunities to become a person who in future could open way for another hundred talented students. Thanks to JACAFA, I made my first small project for development basic computer knowledge in my village. Although my project was not accepted by JACAFA, it gave me motivation to realize my  project with my friends. The result was unbelievable. I hope that I have an opportunity in future to present my projects in JACAFA’s conferences which is aimed to the development of human values in the countries of Central Asia.


What are your future plans?

As a young specialist in field of nanotechnology and chemical technology my future plans are to get more and more practical knowledge in developed countries like USA, Germany, Japan, Canada and others. I want to direct all of my knowledge for the development of complex chemical technology in the Central Asian countries

How do you spend your free time?

It is really difficult for me to answer this question now. During my studies, I had a lot of free time. We used to play different games with friends. We used to go to the mountains. But sometimes we just spent our time not knowing what we are doing.  Unfortunately, I did not use the time for personal development while studying in Bachelor’s degree. In our current busy lifestyle, days and nights pass so quickly and I try to fully use my time. No matter how much time I have at the moment, it is still not enough for me. I am trying to use maximum of my time in order to do more and more. 

Can you tell about your internship?

One of the requirements of our university for all first-year masters’ students is an internship in any foreign, private, or public organization. This is done in order to establish cooperation between the university and other organizations. Another important point is that it enables student to try himself/herself in differet spheres and learn new things. Due to my financial reason, I could not afford to go abroad for an internship. After a long search, I found for myself a place in Moscow. This is the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. My internship only lasted six months. There I was engaged in the analysis and synthesis of ceramics based on magnesia-alumina spinel with the addition of titanium oxide. This material has a very specific purpose in armored vehicles, and also in parts of navigation systems.

What advice would you give to bright young minds who wish to continue their studies in Master’s Degree?

Master’s Degree is another world which full of getting practical knowledge, internship, and participation in many different projects. If nothing gets in your way, be sure to get your Master’s degree. Based on my experience, I think that over the years of undergraduate studies, we will receive only basic theoretical knowledge while the Master’s degree is full of practical knowledge.

Interviewed by Doniyor Makhmudov, JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan