//Chairperson’s Message

Chairperson’s Message

Dear JACAFA members, friends, colleagues and supporters,

It has been almost 10 years now, since we have been working together and we reach this point of further collaboration and expansion within Central Asian countries.  Let me briefly share with you our intentions, thoughts and ideas about our future activities.

Our main mission is to create and deliver values, it is not enough to analyse the past but we have to design our own future.  Values are essential into all areas of designing our future.  To forge ahead in our activities, we must value to what we can offer, because most of the things which are important for progress e.g. information, technology, knowledge are quickly turning in relatively easily accessible commodities.

Mr. Mori, Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation visited us in March 2017, and gave us some essential ideas and concepts of future JACAFA activities.  Let me introduce them as follows:

JACAFA Alumni Platform Concept for Central Asian Countries


1) Human Resource Development, people with knowledge, and connection to Japan and Central Asia.

2) Creation and strengthening a Central Asian Community concept.

3) Central Asian based sustainable and active alumni network.

4) Implementation of projects with various sectors such as NGOs, Universities, Think-tanks, Governmental institutions and Companies.


1) Research on Japan-Central Asia bilateral relations, regional studies on Central Asia, ASEAN studies.

2) Regular meetings organized in each country.

3) Exchange students program with University of Tsukuba or other Japanese universities.

4) Internship program at companies in Japan.

Target groups:

1) JACAFA Alumni

2) Tsukuba University Alumni

3) Central Asian students

4) Japanese students

5) NGOs, Think-tanks, Universities, researchers, government officials, companies

Basic Rules:

1) Every activity must be directly related to JACAFA Alumni network.

2) Every activity must have a positive effect on individual growth of every JACAFA Alumni member or JACAFA community.

Kindly allow me to invite all, in joining us, to maximize of all the above concepts through our JACAFA work and activities.

As always, we are grateful for your help and participation.

With best wishes,

Kyoko Vrboski
Japan Central Asia Friendship Association