/The Most Fascinating Trip Ever: Japan!

The Most Fascinating Trip Ever: Japan!

We always have chance to travel many places for some reasons such as education, job or family visits. However, only distinguished people go beyond imagination by visiting very specific places in the world. Some  destinations take time to grow on you, but some of them earn residence in your heart before the plane’s wheels even grip the runway at the airport. We will probably listen this story from our Japan Trip winners who will be at Tokyo Narita Airport in 15th July of 2017. But before, we had chance to have interview with Dinara Nurusheva, Moldir Saparbek and Hurshed Aslonov. Let’s see how they feel before the trip!
– Guys, congratulations on winning “Japan Trip 2017 Competition”!

DinaraThank you so much! It is one of the exciting news of the year! I am very grateful for an opportunity to get to know Japan more closely.

Hurshed: Thank you very much. I’m really happy that I was chosen one of four candidates for Japan Visit Program.


– How were your feelings when JACAFA announced the winners and you were in a list?

Moldir: Since Japan has always been a country with an interesting history and rich culture, which I studied during my bachelor’s at the Kazakh National University and which I always dreamed of visiting, especially for the purpose of presenting my country, I was certainly surprised and it is an honor for me.

DinaraIt was such an honor for me to be on the list. I have heard so many inspiring stories from my family members and friends about their experience in Japan. And now I am close to have my own impression of the country, meet interesting people and see fascinating places.

Hurshed:  It was really unexpected. It was the best day when Kyoko SAN announced the winners and I was one of them.

– Could you tell us your expectations on this wonderful trip to Japan?

Hurshed: For me Japan is the country of creativity and prosperity. While I was studying at University, I was admiring Japanese architecture, the way they build wonderful buildings. I’m really excited, so I can visit Japan finally. I hope it will be unforgettable memories for me.

Moldir:  If to say shortly, getting introduced with TNF members, making wonderful presentations of our home countries, get to know closer Japanese culture and traditions, visiting many interesting places like The Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum, Kyoto which is full of the ancient Shinto shrines and of course tasting the real sushi which is my favorite food.

DinaraI am looking forward to see Japan and compare it with an image I have constructed in my mind through books, stories I have read and people I have met. I think the trip will far exceed my expectations. I can’t even imagine what would be my impressions afterwards.


-You are going to make a presentation to the Forum at TNF. What is your presentation about?

DinaraI will talk about a local development in Kazakhstan. My recent research focuses on the small towns challenges and opportunities in the country. In many cases, only big cities get attention of scholars and policy makers. However, the largest portion of the population live in smaller towns. Countries need to develop a proper strategy for such settlements and promote growth.

Hurshed:  In the Forum I’m going to make a presentation about the project that we are working on at the moment. The main objective is focused on implementing Inclusive education in Tajikistan. We have opened the only Kindergarden at the moment in Dushanbe, where we have implemented inclusive education. Our Kindergarden is working for 3 years and now we can proudly say that this project will have good results. At the moment we have 9 kids with Down syndrome, 2 kids with light stage of autism. I will present this project to The Nippon Foundation and I really hope they will like the concept of this project and we could expand it and support more kids, which is our main goal.

Moldir: My presentation is about the history, culture, traditions, policy of Kazakhstan. I would also like to present the kazakh national dance “Kara zhorga” and sing a love song of a Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher Abay Kunanbaiuly “Kozimnin karasy”. Thank you for questions.

P.S. The forth winner of Japan Trip competition Bedelbai Mamadiev will join team in Tokyo.