/Upcoming Programs of JACAFA

Upcoming Programs of JACAFA

Dear distinguished members of JACAFA,

As annually organized by JACAFA with the contribution of The Nippon Foundation, Japan visit programme is open to anyone even previous visitors of this admiring country. The only thing that you have to do is filling the form below and send it to kyokovrboski@yahoo.co.jp.

JACAFA Japan Visit Program 2018 Application Form (The deadline is 8th March of 2018)
1. Full Name:                                                                          Photo:
2. Gender:
3. Date of Birth:
4. Nationality:
5. E-mail address:
6. Year of JATCAFA scholarship:
7. Current situation (current position, name of company, city of working if you work):

8. Graduated university (if you already graduated):

9. Plans for next 5 years:
10. The JACAFA 2018 events you are most interested (ex. JVP, Annual Alumni
Meeting, JACAFA Conference, Small-sized Project, etc):

11. The reason you apply for this program:
(If you already went to Japan with JATCAFA JVP Program in the past, describe the
reason why you would like to visit Japan again, in very specific and concrete manner.)

12: How you could contribute to JACAFA activities in future.

Secondly, annual meeting details are given below.  The contents will be as follows;

Dates: 18-20 May 2018
Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan @SmartPoint
18 May   Arrival day for participants
19 May   Annual Meeting: “Project Making”
             Lecture, Mr. Mori, TNF
             Progress Report for ongoing projects
             Contest for new projects in 2018
             Workshop for Project Making
20 May   Departure day for participants (short excursion tour might be arranged)
* Official application form for participation will be sent shortly soon.