/Annual Meeting Request Form

Annual Meeting Request Form

Dear JACAFA alumni,
JACAFA Alumni Annual Meeting 2018 Participation Request Form is shared below. Please fill in the form, and send it to kyokovrboski@yahoo.co.jp  until 27th April.
If you have small-sized project plan, you also have to fill in the attached proposal and budget plan, and send it along with the form.  You will make short presentation at the meeting, and if your plan is chosen, it will be implemented this year.
The followings are the summary of the schedule;
Friday 18 May
Arrival of participants
Saturday 19 May
JACAFA Alumni Annual Meeting “Project Making”
09:00-12:00  Mr. Mori’s lecture “Project Making”
                     Progress Report of on-going small-sized projects
                     Presentation of new small-sized projects
12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-18:00  Workshop for “Project Making”
                    Judge announcement for new projects
                    JVP participants announcement
20:00           Dinner
Sunday 20 May
Departure of participants
Venue:  Rahat Palace Hotel
SmartPoint in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Many alumni to apply to this program is expected.  Please make sure to submit till the deadline.
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