/Message From the Chairperson of JACAFA

Message From the Chairperson of JACAFA


First of all, let me wish you A Happy New 2019 to everyone!!

As I look back at last year JACAFA’s activities and events, I am rather pleased to say that, 2018 was a very successful and fruitful year.

Starting with our 2nd JACAFA Annual General Assembly in Almaty, we had two conferences, one in Bishkek and other in Tajikistan.  As most of you may be aware, we also have launched new small-sized project funding and support scheme, as well.  Let’s never forget that, we can implement meaningful all these activities, thanks to the continuous and generous support, as provided by The Nippon Foundation.

In 2019, we are planning to start new scholarship programs in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.  Kazakhstan and/or Azerbaijan, may come a little bit later, as soon as, the appropriate logistics and support, in these two countries, had been duly established.

This year JACAFA events will start with our Conference in Baku on the 1st March. Later on, in May, our 3rd Annual General Assembly is to be held in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, more events to follow.  Please check our website on a weekly basis, at least.  We do expect more participants, from different countries this year.

JACAFA’s treasure is our honest friendship, as I am always happy to see your Re-union in different places.  To my mind, it is very useful when you are given the opportunity and get to know each other’s culture, mentality and achievements.

Each country is successful in its own unique way. Let’s find out more, about our countries this year.

May the happiness, health and prosperity come to you and your family in abundance.

Kyoko Vrboski