/JACAFA CONFERENCE in Baku 2019 “21st Century Education: Dynamic Symbiosis between Education and Industry”

JACAFA CONFERENCE in Baku 2019 “21st Century Education: Dynamic Symbiosis between Education and Industry”

The conference “21st Century Education: Dynamic Symbiosis between Education and Industry” focused on exploration and contextualization of the “dynamic Symbiosis” between Education and Industry, scrutiny of the best practices, comparison of the diversified formal education systems, cross –border education and examination of the modern trends, threats and traditional challenges in education facet, industry cooperation and intellectual capital development, women empowerment and youth activism via social media instruments.

The following captures half day programme of presentations, talks, open interactive dialogue at the conference which took place on March 1, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The conference involved academic institutions, governmental and private sector representatives, civil societies and youth activists, encouraging discourse across various disciplines, prisms, institutional and national boundaries. The selected line-up of speakers, enabled to discuss the core actual education trends and interconnection of education with industry sphere as well as assessment of the new and critical perspectives on the role of education and its “dynamic symbiosis” with industry sphere.

The Conference initiated with opening remarks delivered by Executive Vice Rector, ADA University Mr Fariz Ismailzade and Mr. Mr. Keisuke Yamanaka, Charge d’Affairs at Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan (On behalf of Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Teruyuki Katori). At this stage the conference continued with greetings from sponsor and organizer Mr. Yuji Mori, Executive Director, The Nippon Foundation and Ms. Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson, Japan Central Asia Friendship Association. It should be noted that the conference covered different interactive presentations and discussions on topics bound with higher education perspectives, business Incubator centers, industry and intellectual capacity development from the perspective of the national and regional policies. The Conference ends up with talks on status quo, description of the challenges and opportunities, discussions on constructive grounds for future transnational cooperation on the matter of education and industry “dynamic symbiosis”.