/The 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly

The 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly

The 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly that traditionally is considered the unique platform for delivering talks, sharing success stories, presenting case studies and uniting the efforts of the brightest Central Asia Young people for more sustainable development, has been successfully completed this year by the constructive dialogs and efficient discussions in Bishkek, Kirgizstan. The 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly created the pertinent atmosphere for young people from Central Asia Countries as part of the JACAFA network of the young people to present the gained experience in diversified fields of the social life, share the concerns and visions on the future perspective of their respective countries, discussing the common grounds of the cultural similarities and social problem perceptions. Moreover, it is worth to notice that the platform not only served as the basis for sharing experience but simultaneously there were capacity building sessions aimed at the development of the communication and project management skills. The program of the 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly captured the interactive presentations on building communication and project management skills, sharing personal success stories, reports on the small-sized projects implemented in the respective countries of the participants, presentations on the proposal of the new small-sized projects, Japan visit program announcement and awarding ceremony on the best conference reports.

The 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly officially initiated with the opening Remarks from Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson of JACAFA, Greetings speech from the Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation-Mr. Yuji Mori, Greetings speech from Mr. James Huffman the Project Manager of the Nippon Foundation and opening speech from the Special Guest – Mr. Ryota Saito, PhD., Embassy of Japan, University of Tsukuba. After the opening remarks, the network’s participants fully enjoyed the interactive lecture on “Keys to Effective Project Management: Personal Style” –presentation from Mr. James Huffman. The lecture was based on the study of the different personalities and the way of communications that might be shaped by every single personality referring to their reflections and peculiarities. Along with that participants were taught on how the personal style of communication might effectively impact the project management process.

After the lecture participants shared their brief reports on the small sized projects implemented in their respective countries as following: 

  • “Promoting Inclusive Education in Tajikistan” –report delivered by Khurshed Aslanov (Tajikistan)
  • “Training Program for Pedagogy and IT” –report proposed by  Abdullo Kurbanov (Tajikistan)
  • “Brain Gain – Facilitating Integration of Promising Young People in Kyrgyzstan»  – shared report by Ulukman Bapaev (Kyrgyzstan)
  • “Round Table – Intellectual Talks on Central Asia” –report delivered by Bedelbai Mamadiev (Kyrgyzstan)

Moreover, after presenting the reports, highlighting the key extracted outcomes, discussing the sustainability and impacts of each single projects the alumni presented the new proposal for the small sized projects as following:  

  • “Strengthening the Capacity of Parents and Specialists regarding the Development of Children with DS” Children with DS” –  Khurshed Aslanov (Tajikistan)
  • “Alif Academy 4 and an Open Online Course Platform: – Abdullo Kurbanov (Tajikistan)
  •  “Round Table Discussions on Central Asian Issues” – Bedelbai Mamadiev (Kyrgyzstan)
  • “IT Training for Government Organizations” – Ulukman Bapaev (Kyrgyzstan)
  • “Human Resources Development amongTajik Women” – Jovidon Boboev (Tajikistan)

Another great session on Project Management was delivered by Saso Vrboski, PhD.,Senior Vice President and Project Funding of JACAFA. Mr. Saso Vrboski, acquainted the targeted audience with core basic values that are crucial for project implementation.

The participants were enabled as well to share their success stories by highlighting what motivates and empower them to be the agent off todays changes and agents of the future builders. The following presentations were delivered:

  • “The Beautiful Unknown” – Konul Valizade (Azerbaijan)
  • “My Experience from an Agricultural Project with FAO” –  Zamirbek Ashirbaev (Kyrgyzstan)
  •  “I code therefore I am” –  Maruf Saidov (Tajikistan)

The 3rd Annual JACAFA General Assembly ends up with Japan Visit Program Announcement and Participants’ Speeches, “JACAFA Success Story 2019” Awards and Awarding Ceremony on “JACAFA Best Conference Report”.