/COVID 19- Situation in Kyrgyzstan

COVID 19- Situation in Kyrgyzstan

  • As of 29 May, Kyrgyzstan has reported 68 new cases of COVID-19, and 22 recoveries. The country has 1662 confirmed cases (16 died and 1088 recovered). The condition of 6 patients is critical.
  • On June 8, 2020, domestic scheduled flights will resume in Kyrgyzstan.  And 14-day quarantine for foreign people remains valid.

On May 29, 138 thousand rapid tests were carried out, in 113 cases, PCR tests confirmed the virus. There are 11 laboratories. In a private laboratory, more than 4 thousand people underwent a free study, in 40 cases the virus was confirmed. Today, 119 thousand test systems are in the country.7

The state of emergency- harder mode (ЧП) in Bishkek officially ended on May 10 at 24:00. But the state of emergency (ЧС) introduced throughout the country on March 22 continues.

At the same time, the government decided that in settlements where there is a difficult epidemiological situation, quarantine will remain and sanitary posts will work there. But citizens will not be required passes permitting movement.

In total, the emergency regime introduced in some regions in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection lasted 47 days in Kyrgyzstan. During this period, curfews were in force in Bishkek and a number of other settlements, during which the movement of vehicles and citizens was prohibited. In addition, almost all enterprises and organizations were closed.

Since May 11, the emergency harder mode (ЧП) has ended, but the emergency mode (ЧС) remains in force.