/COVID 19- Situation in Tajikistan

COVID 19- Situation in Tajikistan

As of 27 May, Tajikistan has reported 158 new cases of COVID-19, zero deaths, and 22 recoveries. Overall, the country has 3,424 confirmed cases with 1,849 active cases (47 died and 1,575 recovered). There are no patients in critical condition.

Actions against COVID-19.Tajikistan has organized the Republican Headquarters for Coronavirus Prevention headed by the Prime Minister of Tajikistan Kohir Rasulzoda. The Headquarters regulate and monitor the epidemiological situation in the country.

Since April 18, the Ulema Council of the Islamic Centre of Tajikistan banned public namaz and religious ceremonies in the country’s mosques in efforts to halt the spread of the virus. In particular, it has banned collective namaz, tarovyeh namaz (read only during the month of Ramadan), iftar (evening meal which is served after the sunset during Ramadan) and idgardak (children’s festivities).

 After the announcement of the first 15 cases in Tajikistan, school holidays were extended until August 17, and kindergartens, clothing markets, mosques, beauty salons, and car washes were closed. Mass events, concerts, theatrical and wedding performances were also banned, but public transport, food markets, pharmacies, and other State institutions operate normally.

University undergraduate students went on summer holiday from the 4th of May. It was envisaged to sum up the results of state exams for the graduates till May 15, 2020. According to the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic, both school teachers and university lecturers will be paid their full salaries during the holiday.

Authorities have not declared a general quarantine in the country, but many Tajiks have gone into self-isolation, are working “remotely”, and are trying to leave home only if necessary. On the 16th of May, Dushanbe City Hall reported that more than 512,000 citizens are observing a regime of self-isolation. The capital is also actively building temporary hospitals using new buildings. The government has raised the salaries of doctors in two.