/JACAFA Friendly Meeting with Tajikistan fellows

JACAFA Friendly Meeting with Tajikistan fellows

On November 8, 2020 peer-to-peer friendly meeting with Tajikistan fellows was organized to enhance friendship between JACAFA fellows, exchange ideas and discuss our future plans. 

I believe that our friendly meeting helps to develop communication and international cooperation between our fellows.

JACAFA Alumni from Tajikistan Nurali Ziyoyev has shared information about his internet project “Daily Opportunity”. The platform provides information about a variety of scholarships, internships and grants. “Daily Opportunity” project has already gained popularity on social networks. The project publishes announcements about different educational programs and gives recommendations concerning how to apply and participate in various programs.

Another successful JACAFA Alumni from Tajikistan Manizha Rajabova is studying in Master’s Degree program in Public Policy and International Relations program at the Graduate School of Business Sciences, Humanities and Socials Sciences at the University of Tsukuba that is supported by the Nippon Foundation.   

As an international relations department student Manizha Rajabova gave us useful tips and suggested all of us to follow official social networks of embassies to know recent news and participate in different programs and competitions.

Currently she is in the initial stages in the development of her research project that is intended to be conducted during her Master’s Degree at the University of Tsukuba.

Scholarship recipient from Uzbekistan Lazizbek Kahramonov has shared his experience in different exchange programs abroad, such as Work and Travel program in Germany and student exchange program in INHA University in Korea. He told about interesting facts concerning living and studying abroad. Currently he is focused on improving his technical skills in order to acquire necessary skills in information technology sphere. 

This year scholarship recipient Shahzod Akhmedov from Tajikistan is studying in Russian-Tajik Slavonic University in the “Management and Information Technology” faculty. He is very motivated in obtaining necessary knowledge and skills and realize different projects.

We have also discussed about the ways of development of tourism sector in our countries, as Shahzod Akhmedov showed his interest in developing tourism sector in Tajikistan.

I, Doniyor Makhmudov, JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan have shared my experience in research project in tourism sphere at Center for Research Policy and Outreach at Westminster University in Tashkent. I gave recommendations and ideas to Shahzod Akhmedov that is aimed in development of tourism sphere such as organizing festival to attract foreign tourists, conducting research about touristic potential of Tajikistan, producing media product showing touristic potential of the country in collaboration with filmmakers and producers. I have also suggested him to cooperate with government agency in tourism sphere to implement touristic project to develop tourism in Tajikistan.

Doniyor Ganiev from Tajikistan is another bright minded student of Russian-Tajik Slavonic University who is studying in “Management and Information Technology” faculty.

His major interest is coding, and he spends most of his time by acquiring knowledge in programming language JAVA. Moreover, he works on Android Studio to create applications for mobile devices. In near future, he plans to work in IT company to gain experience and skills in information technologies sphere.

During the meeting we shared our experiences of working in different projects, discussed our current studies, work, projects, tasks, and talked with each other in a friendly atmosphere. Moreover, we have also answered to the questions of new scholarship recipients about different programs and projects.

I hope that our meeting contributes positively to the development of young people and enhances friendship among JACAFA fellows.


Doniyor Makhmudov 

JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan