/JACAFA Friendly Meeting

JACAFA Friendly Meeting

I believe that networking is very important to maintain close friendship between scholarship recipients in our JACAFA community. Recently we have organized JACAFA Friendly Meeting with Uzbekistan scholarship recipients in ZOOM. Several scholarship recipients from Uzbekistan have participated in this online meeting.   

Last year scholarship recipient Khumoyun Dolimov has talked about his work in “Fizmasoft” company as a Front-end developer. The company specializes in software services and products, which include web, mobile and desktop developers. He pointed out about the importance of deeply learning one programming language to become more professional and after that practicing by implementing projects. He has been realizing projects on Java script. He has talked about his projects, exchanged ideas with younger generation and gave recommendation to Lazizbek Kahramonov concerning choosing programming language. As most fellows are studying in IT sphere we have discussed the positive trends in this sector, about the development of IT industry in Uzbekistan, and about useful courses for the learners.   

Murtozaev Abdulaziz is studying in his last year in Tashkent State Technical University.  He has told about his intention to continue his studies in Master’s Degree after graduation from the university. Has said that he is preparing for taking IELTS exam in December, 2020. He has shared his advices to new scholarship holders on how to effectively participate in scholarship programs.   

I have delivered information about my studies in Westminster International University in Tashkent, about internship in Central Bank of Uzbekistan, and about monetary policy of our government. Moreover, I gave suggestion concerning how to make deposit of money in the bank and how to get mortgage credit for house from bank.

I have also informed about the economic actions of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan during pandemic to reduce negative effects of the pandemic on economy and support households and businesses by implementing necessary programs, such as Financial Aid Program for low income families and reducing interest rates so that commercial banks could provide businesses credits at affordable rates. 

The scholarship recipient Lazizbek Kahramonov talked about his experience in exchange program in INHA University in Korea. He has studied in Korean University as an exchange student. He shared interesting facts about Korea, Korean people, and studying process. He pointed out that lots of Uzbek students are studying in Korea. Currently, he is studying in INHA University in Tashkent in the third course in Information and Communication Engineering faculty.      

I hope that our friendly meeting connects students with each other and with JACAFA. As communication between JACAFA scholarship recipients and alumni is the driven force for progress and prosperity.

Doniyor Makhmudov