/Online General Assembly 2021

Online General Assembly 2021

Dear JACAFA alumni, scholarship recipients,
I am writing to inform you that we, JACAFA, decided to postpone our forthcoming General Assembly, after the discussion with The Nippon Foundation.  My husband, Saso and I are infected by Covid-19, and we cannot travel to Dushanbe.  Fortunately, Saso has very light symptoms, and I have no symptoms at all, and he is recovering well. 

We wanted to organize our General Assembly in Dushanbe, as hybrid meeting, actual participation and zoom online.  However, we cannot realize it on 28 & 29 May due to the circumstances.  We will re-organize the General Assembly when the things are going to be settled well, and you all will be informed.  As you can see from attached, I made draft agenda for GA, your small sized project proposal and speeches will be kept as it is for the re-planned GA.
Thank you very much for your understanding, and let’s hope that we can re organize the General Assembly in near future.
In the meantime, please stay safe and sound.  All the best wishes.

Here is the agenda:

Kyoko Vrboski