/JACAFA Dinner Meeting with Uzbek scholarship recipients

JACAFA Dinner Meeting with Uzbek scholarship recipients

On Monday 26th April at 19:00PM, in “Ramiz kofteci” restaurant, “Tashkent city” park, Tashkent JACAFA dinner meeting was organized to enhance connection between JACAFA and Uzbek scholars, discuss future plans and other important issues.

On 23-28 April, Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson, JACAFA and Saso Vrboski, PhD., Senior Vice President and Project Funding Coordinator, JACAFA visited in Tashkent for the interview of 2021 scholarship program. In addition, they organized a JACAFA dinner meeting on Monday 26th April at 19:00PM to Uzbek JACAFA scholarship recipients and Uzbek JACAFA alumni.

In the dinner meeting, following officials of JACAFA, scholarship recipients and alumni were participated:

  1. Kyoko Vrboski
  2. Saso Vrboski
  3. Doniyor Makhmudov
  4. Olimjonov Sokhibjon
  5. Abdulaziz Murtozaev
  6. Dolimov Khumoyunmirzo
  7. Gofurboyev Zokir
  8. Elbek Normurodov
  9. Malika Zakhidova
  10.  Shohruh Abdullayev
  11.  Marvarid Uktamjonova
  12.  Lazizbek Kahramonov

During the meeting, there was a such friendly atmosphere between us that we felt relaxing and leisurely. Moreover, we discussed about our future plans e.g. career, studying in master’s degree, exchange programs, etc. It is also interesting to note that, Saso Vrboski told us interesting information and talk about conditions of countries in pandemic time, and also gave us crucial recommendations for our immediate future plans and goals.

Furthermore, the main issue, which is the next General Assembly at the end of May in Dushanbe, was discussed as well. Kyoko and Saso Vrboski gave us important information about it and gave advices about participating, presenting and some procedures of going in pandemic time.

We want to express our gratitude to JACAFA organization on organizing such dinner meetings with us and we appreciate it.

Thank you again!

Olimjonov Sokhibjon