/The New Era of JACAFA: Opening New Doors Between Central Asia and Japan

The New Era of JACAFA: Opening New Doors Between Central Asia and Japan

Dear JACAFA Fellows,

It has been a while, since our last update. 2021, in many ways, has been a rather challenging year to all of us. But as the old saying goes ‘if it does not challenge you, it does not change you’. And we are here to announce today, the positive change, to our JACAFA family affairs has come.

We are pleased to confirm that, recently, JACAFA Foundation has been legally registered in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that the Foundation’s 2022 year budget has been duly approved and accepted by our long term sponsor, The Nippon Foundation, Tokyo, Japan.

Our esteemed Kyrgyz alumni fellows i.e. Bedelbai Mamadiev Ph.D, Ulukman Bapaev, Zamirbek Asirbaev, and Azamat Kibekbaev Ph.D. have been essential and very helpful to the above process, and are duly appointed as Supervisory Board’s Members of the Foundation.

Supervisory Board’s Members of the JACAFA Foundation

Chairperson                        Kyoko Vrboski

President                             Saso A. Vrboski, Ph.D.

Supervisory Board

Head                                    Bedelbai Mamadiev, Ph.D.

Member                               Ulukman Bapaev

Member                               Zamirbek Ashirbaev

Member                               Azamat Kibekbaev, Ph.D.

We are thankful that we have been able to keep going, and we are even more determined to go into 2022 dedicated for social and youth development and to continue to provide valuable educational and inspirational events and activities.

We will move to Bishkek during the 1st quarter of 2022 in order to further enhance the activities of JACAFA. As we will start the new era of JACAFA from the next year, the schedule of General Assembly, Japan Visit Program and other seminars will be announced in due time, if relevant circumstances allow.

We strongly believe that the opening of the JACAFA Foundation in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan can accelerate the process for enrichment of our future activities, and strengthening of our JACAFA Family ties and connections!

Kind Regards,

Kyoko Vrboski

Chairperson of Japan Central Asia Friends and Associates Foundation