/JACAFA General Assembly 2022 in Tashkent Summary

JACAFA General Assembly 2022 in Tashkent Summary

I The 6th Annual JACAFA General Assembly took place on 27 and 28 May, 2022 first time in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and contributed to the advancement of the international cooperation, exchanging experiences and knowledge. It brought the JACAFA community together to deliver their success stories, present social projects, and network with the brightest Central Asian young people.

Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson, JACAFA Foundation

JACAFA General Assembly officially initiated with the opening Remarks from Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson of JACAFA Foundation, Greetings speech from the Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation Mr. Yuji Mori, and Greetings speech from Mr. Shinsuke Toda, Representative of Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan.

Mr. Yuji Mori, Executive Director, The Nippon Foundation
Mr. Shinsuke Toda, Charges d’Affaires ad interim, Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan

After the opening remarks, all participants of the General Assembly introduced themselves and informed about their current studies and job. 

The self-introduction section followed by very useful presentation about “Master Course Scholarship Program” by Asst. Prof. Sabina Insebaeva, PhD., University of Tsukuba. Ms. Sabina informed prospective young JACAFA scholarship receipents and alumni about scholarship program in University of Tsukuba and answered to the questions of the participants.

After the presentation, small and medium sized project proposals have been presented by JACAFA Alumni and scholarship recipients from different Central Asian countries and captured different spheres, such as IT, education, youth development, ecology, agriculture and most of them were concerned in human resources development. Additionally, participants have discussed about possible solutions to the social problems in their respective countries.

Mr. Saso Vrboski, PhD., President, JACAFA Foundation

Moreover, participants enjoyed interactive lecture on from Abdullo Kurbonov. The lecture was focused on building positive culture in organization. As Abdullo Kurbonov stated that corporate culture empowers employees to grow within the organization and promotes professional development.

Furthermore, special guest lectures have been also been conducted. Mr. Mirbek Okenov, Director of Egemendik organization conducted the lecture on “Potentials and perspectives of the regional cooperation in Central Asia”, while Mr. Bakhrom Radjabov, PhD., Adjunct Professor at Webster University in Tashkent made lecture on “Social innovations in post-Soviet countries” and stated about the importance of innovation in social sector by developing civil society and implementing new methods of social sector development strategies.     


During the second day of the General Assembly shared experiences session has been conducted. JACAFA Fellows talked about their personal experiences and shared useful information to audience. For example, Javokhirbek Mirzaakbarov from Uzbekistan shared his experience of working as an IT specialist, Manizha Rajabova from Tajikistan talked about her studies in Tsukuba University, and Nurbolat Adylbekov from Kyrgyzstan informed about air pollution in Bishkek and his contribution for solving this issue.

JACAFA General Assembly has been concluded with the Closing Remarks by Ms. Masako Numata, PhD., International Team, The Nippon Foundation. She expressed her impression about the motivation and achievements of JACAFA Fellows.   

After General Assembly, JACAFA General Assembly welcomed participants of the General Assembly in Tashkent City Tour.

During the tour we visited Chorsu Bazaar, the traditional bazaar located in the center of the old town of Tashkent. Visitors has bought different dried fruits, souvenirs and national clothes in our ancient bazaar.    

Then we visited Kukeldesh Madrasah which is located close to Chorsu Bazaar. The madrasah teaches Islamic studies and prepares students to work in mosques as mullahs. Moreover, we went to “Independence Square” and walked in the Broadway street by feeling the vivid and dynamic life of modern Tashkent.   

We believe that our JACAFA General Assembly contributes positively to the professional development of young people and accelerates international cooperation between Central Asia countries and Japan.

JACAFA General Assembly 2022 Insider

JACAFA General Assembly Video Summary

Sezim Kanatova, JACAFA Scholarship recipient from Kyrgyzstan
Abdulaziz Murtozaev, JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan
Malika Zakhidova, JACAFA Scholarship recipient from Uzbekistan
Zohirsho Rahmatshoev, JACAFA Scholarship recipient from Tajikistan


Doniyor Makhmudov

JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan