/JACAFA Graduation Meeting 2022

JACAFA Graduation Meeting 2022

JACAFA Foundation has organized online JACAFA Graduation Meeting to congratulate JACAFA Scholarship recipients of 2020 from Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan of becoming alumnus of JACAFA.  

The online meeting was coordinated by Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson of JACAFA and Saso Vrboski, PhD., Senior Vice President and Project Funding Coordinator of JACAFA.

Kyoko Vrboski opened the meeting be stating the importance of maintaining communication and cooperation with JACAFA. She indicated that alumni are encouraged to continue participating in the events and projects of JACAFA. Moreover, she informed that from the next year alumnus can apply for Japan Visit Program. Additionally, they have opportunity to participate in Small and medium sized project contest to obtain support for their projects.

Each alumnus of JACAFA delivered speech about the current activities and future plans.

Sezim Kanatova is pursueing Master’s Degree in Germany. She is studying at the faculty of International Information Systems at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). Additionally, she is working in Onoi, which is a small startup based in Germany as a software engineer.

Nurmukhamad Turkbaev has been admitted to the Capstone Project which is part of the scholarship program of US-CAEF and currently working in Washington DC, USA, at Insurance company as an intern and gaining skills in business insurance sphere.

Malika Zakhidova, JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan, informed that she has applied for LLM Course at Westminster University in London and plans to continue her studies abroad. Moreover, she talked about her activism in protecting the rights of women in Uzbekistan.

Elbek Nurmurodov, JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan, currently working in Excedel IT company as a Middle Software developer. Additionally, he creates free video content for mohirdev.uz educational platform about building enterprise applications using .NET to help young developers to learn IT technologies.   

Saidrahmatzoda Khizmatbi is passing the internship program at Hanns Seidel Foundation which is a German non-profit organization.  

Marvarid is currently living in San Francisco and working as an ESL teacher. She helps teachers to enhanse their English skills. Moreover, she is a bloggers and informs the youngsters about different scholarship, exchange and educational programs in her blogs.  

Most of the alumnus have married and Kyoko Vrboski was very happy to know the news in personal life of JACAFA family members. Furthermore, she stated that it is great that youngsters take responsibility and create family at the earlier age in Central Asian countries compared to Japan or other developed countries. Late marriage has become a social problem, as most youngsters marry after 30 or don’t want to get married in Japan.

During the online meeting Saso Vrboski talked about the importance of failure. He stated that luck does not come immediately. After hard work and failure people can achieve success, as failure is the part of success. Moreover, Mr. Vrboski highlighted that people can learn a lesson from failure. Next time when people try, their chances are higher because of the lesson they learned from failure.   


Doniyor Makhmudov

JACAFA Alumni from Uzbekistan