/The Nippon Foundation JACAFA Foundation Eurasia Scholarship Program 2023-2025: Call for Applications

The Nippon Foundation JACAFA Foundation Eurasia Scholarship Program 2023-2025: Call for Applications

The Nippon Foundation JACAFA Foundation Eurasia Scholarship Program calls for applications among full-time undergraduate university students in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia for the 2023-2025 academic years.

1. Scholarship Duration

Up to 2 years, until the graduation in June. Subject to annual review.

2. Scholarship Amount

1) USD 110 per month (inclusive of taxes and deductions)

2) Scholarship funds are to be used for the successful completion of the study and other academic activities (e.g., purchase of textbooks or fees for attending special courses or seminars).

3. Eligibility

A.  Academic Record: The applicant is required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale or the equivalent. He or she will be required to maintain this average throughout the whole scholarship grant duration.

B. Language Qualifications: Good spoken and written abilities in the English language. Proof of English ability must be provided through such things as TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC certification, and/or a record of English courses completed. All communication between potential applicants and JACAFA Foundation will be in the English language, and by E-mail.

C.  Each applicant must be a local citizen of the country where the scholarship program is to be provided. Consequently, each applicant must present a valid original document, issued by the authorized government institution, proving the validity of the citizenship.

D. Age limit of 23 applies to all applicants, at the scholarship starting time.

E. Each applicant must present a valid passport copy, which allows traveling to foreign countries.

F.  The applicant must be already enrolled, as a full-time student, at a university in one of the countries listed above.

G.  The applicant must be beginning the final two years of his or her undergraduate course.

H.  Eligible fields of study: social sciences, computer engineering or IT engineering, local agricultural development.

4. Selection Criteria

A. In addition to academic considerations, successful applicants will have excellent manners, honest character, pleasant personality, and good communication skills in English (both spoken and written).

B. The applicant should have a firm and clear future professional vision regarding his or her career after graduation.

C. The applicant is required to join the JACAFA Foundation alumni community after graduation and to actively contribute to all JACAFA Foundation events. This will include participation in the Annual General Assembly, conferences, and forums, as well as assisting in their organization.

5. Application Documents

In addition to the aforementioned document requirements, each Applicant should submit the following documents:

A. Current student identification, issued by the university that the applicant is studying at.

B. The valid passport copy allows traveling to foreign countries.

C. Most recent university transcript.

D. Application form to be filled out online via the link: https://forms.gle/PwVpG9ug2esTNjy19.

E. Essay about yourself that will assist us in judging what sort of person you are, including statements about your education and upbringing, most significant achievements, the experiences and persons that have affected your personal, academic, and professional growth, the reason why you chose the field you are currently studying.

F. Two (2) or more recommendation letters from professors.

NOTE: The full set of required documents listed under items 3 and 5 should be emailed to foundationjacafa@gmail.com. The successful candidates will be contacted for the further selection process via email.

6. Application Schedule and Selection Process for 2023

Notification of Scholarship: March-April 2023

Stage #1 Submitting the application form with necessary documents: 15 April 2023.
*For Kyrgyzstan and Georgia the application deadline is extended up until and including April 20, 2023.

Stage #2 Application Screening: 1 May 2023

Stage #3 Interviews (1st & 2nd): May, June 2023

 Final Selection and Announcement: the latest July 2023

*The interviews might be conducted online.

*Results will be sent by email. Awardees will be required to attend an awarding ceremony organized by JACAFA Foundation.

7. Additional Potential Benefits

A. Scholarship recipients may be invited to attend JACAFA Foundation events, such as Annual General Assembly, Conferences, and Forums, held annually, in different Eurasian countries.

B. Recipients will be eligible to apply for the JACAFA Foundation Japan Visit Program contest when they become alumni. Selected applicants will receive a fully paid trip to Japan.

8. Obligations

A. The grantee should submit a valid ID and current, valid academic record if and when required by JACAFA Foundation.  If for any reason, the grantee has failed to continue his/her university studies or has failed to fully and promptly comply with all relevant national or international laws and regulations, JACAFA Foundation reserves the right to suspend or cancel the scholarship.

B.  The grantee is strongly expected to fully participate in all meetings, workshops, and seminars organized by JACAFA Foundation.  Respectful reasons, such as sickness and exams, for the absence might be acceptable with certain documents.  The absence at the events might reach the termination of the scholarship.

9. Other

JACAFA Foundation may, at its discretion, temporarily or permanently suspend, or terminate the scholarship program in any or all of the participating countries.